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Original Films

Mr. Shade, the North

Film by Kari Jo Skogquist and Nancy Ford

Detective Decker

Film by Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle

Big Agnes Ascent

Film by Kevin Obsatz

Panacea was filmed and edited by Chris Delisle and Crist Dahl, scored by The Poor Nobodys, and features the actor Daniel Polnau


Film by Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle

Consumption/No Disassemble

Film by Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle

Haskell's Escape

Film by Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle

Classic films, Original scores

FULL Original score to Night of the Living Dead, dir. George A. Romero, 1968.  Premiered at Southern Theater in Minneapolis, MN as a part of the Twin Cities Horror Festival, 2012.

FULL Original score to Battleship Potemkin, dir. Sergei M. Eisenstein, 1925.  Premiered at Trylon Microcinema, 2012.

FULL Original score to Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger, 1927. Performed with Dreamland Faces at Trylon Microcinema, 2013.

FULL Original score to Douglas Fairbanks' The Black Pirate, dir. Albert Parker, 1926.  Premiered at Trylon Microcinema, 2011.

Live Videos

331 Club, Minneapolis Jan. 4, 2013