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9:00 PM21:00

at Icehouse // MN350 Fundraiser with Brass Messengers

Brass Messengers & The Poor Nobodys

Join us next Wednesday, July 31st at Icehouse Mpls.

$10 (or more!)
Brass Messengers hit the stage at 9:00 and Poor Nobodys will wrap up the evening afterwards. Please help us raise money for this great (and local!) organization fighting for our climate's future.

This benefit show is part of Musicians Rising for Climate Justice, a series of shows to support the climate justice organization, MN350. MN350 unites Minnesotans as part of a global movement to end the pollution damaging our climate, speed the transition to clean energy, and create a just and healthy future for all.

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8:00 PM20:00

at Moon Palace Books


Help us raise money for Justice in Motion!

8:00 Josh Granowski
8:30 Carlos Lumbi
9:30 The Poor Nobodys
Suggested donation $10

Justice in Motion will continue to work every day to help migrant families that have been separated at the southern border of The United States! Let’s show them that we care and support their efforts to end these policies and reunite families immediately! What we do now does matter!

What is the mission of Justice in Motion?
The mission of Justice in Motion is to protect migrant rights by ensuring justice across borders.

What are its programs?
Justice in Motion is dedicated to ensuring portable justice: the
right and ability of all migrants to access justice across borders. We pursue portable justice through three program areas: Legal Action, Policy Advocacy, and the Defender Network.

Legal Action:
Winning Access to Justice for Migrants
Our legal action program provides migrants with access to justice across borders,whether they are denouncing an exploitative employer, seeking refuge from violence
and abuse, or pursuing justice for violations of their civil rights. We match U.S. lawyers with members of our Defender Network to provide case support in their migrant clients’ countries of origin, and we train U.S. lawyers to take on – and succeed at – the crucial work of representing transnational migrants. In Mexico and Central America, we support our Defenders as they pursue cases in their own countries’ courts for victims of foreign worker recruitment fraud and abuse.

Policy Advocacy:
Improving Transparency and Migrant Protections
Informed by our cross-border legal work, Justice in Motion brings a unique vantage point to policy advocacy. By synthesizing the expertise of U.S. lawyers and our Defenders,
we foster alliances between partners in government and civil society to develop policy solutions that defend migrant rights from a transnational perspective. We are currently focusing on two targets: increasing transparency in the abuse-ridden U.S. temporary foreign work visa system, and curbing foreign worker recruitment fraud and abuse in Mexico and Central America.

Defender Network:
Building the Capacity of Local Partners Justice in Motion supports and channels resources to more than 40 organizations
participating in its Defender Network, building their capacity to carry out community education for migrants in collaboration with broader cross-border initiatives. Our Capacity Building program advances two key objectives. First, we increase Defenders’ knowledge of labor and immigration issues across the region, with a particular emphasis on the legal frameworks affecting migrants. Second, we strengthen and grow the Defender Network, expanding our potential for powerful regional collaborations.

What is the budget? Our current budget is one million dollars.

Does Justice in Motion represent migrants directly?
We do not. Rather, Justice in Motion connects lawyers in the U.S. and Canada with Defenders across Mexico and Central
America to conduct support work for cases in the U.S. and Canada. Across the United States, lawyers and advocacy organizations are busy crafting innovative legal arguments and fighting for migrants’ rights in court. By providing crucial support services in migrant countries of origin, Justice in Motion seamlessly addresses U.S. advocates’ needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best and leave the complicated transnational work in our hands.

The Defender Network, created and led by Justice inMotion, is a coalition of more than 40 human rights organizations and private legal practitioners across Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. From women’s advocacy groups, to indigenous land defenders, to lawyers in private practice, Defenders are a diverse group, and they bring their on-the-ground experience and local expertise to their work with the network. By investing in the strength and sustainability of the Defender Network, Justice in Motion helps to promote powerful, stable civil society partnerships across North and
Central America.

How is Justice in Motion helping the families separated at the border under the current administration’s “zero tolerance” policy?
Beginning in June 2018, Justice in Motion responded to separated families’ urgent needs by mobilizing the Defender Network to find the parents who were deported without their children. In early August, we formalized our involvement by assuming a court-appointed role on the Steering Committee for the ACLU’s Ms. L v. ICE litigation. Along with other key partners, we are advising the court, finding and contacting deported parents who suffered family separation, and communicating their reunification preferences to the court. In addition, we are supporting the various civil right lawsuits in development, to win justice for the families harmed by the U.S. government’s
cruelty and negligence.

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to Sep 24

Trylon Grand Reopening!

Trylon Grand Reopening! 

The Immigrant (filmscore) || Charlie Chaplin, 1917

Friday, September 22 – Sunday, September 24

To celebrate the Trylon's Grand Re-opening, our original score for Charlie Chaplin's 1917 The Immigrant will be performed live, following a showing of Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator (1940).


Showing at

Friday September 22, 7:00 pm     ||     $12.00     ||     SOLD OUT!

Saturday September 23, 7:00 pm     ||     $12.00

Sunday September 24, 5:00 pm     ||     $12.00

Sunday September 24, 8:00 pm     ||     $12.00


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7:30 PM19:30

DREAMLAND FACES Record Release Show with The Poor Nobodys

The Cedar Presents

DREAMLAND FACES Record Release Show with The Poor Nobodys

Tue, March 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Cedar Cultural Center

$10 Advance / $12 Day of show

Dreamland Faces will accompany John Akre's recent animated feature Demolition Dreaming, a movie about the Gateway District in Minneapolis. Local seven member group The Poor Nobodys accompany the 2015 film PANACEA by Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle as an opener.


Venue Information:
Cedar Cultural Center
416 Cedar Ave S
Minneapolis, MN, 55454

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Art-A-Whirl 2016 at 331 Club and The Sheridan Room
1:00 PM13:00

Art-A-Whirl 2016 at 331 Club and The Sheridan Room

ART-A-WHIRL 2016 at 331 Club and The Sheridan Room - 

FRIDAY, 5/20
Lenz and Frenz
(featuring members from area bluegrass scene, like Pert Near Sandstone and such...)

9pm - Communist Daughter
8pm - Bruise Violet
7pm - What Tyrants
6pm - Ghostmouth
5pm - Murder Shoes

Saturday, 5/21
indoors :
The Rockford Mules

9pm - Kill The Vultures
8pm - The Cloak Ox
7pm - Bones & Beeker
6pm - Midway Felix (of Heiruspecs)
4pm - LNJAY
3pm - Rank Strangers
2pm - Tom Aydan
12pm - Patty and The Buttons

Sun 5/22/16
8pm - The Drug Budget
7pm - Brass Messengers
6pm - Faith Boblett
5pm - Koo Koo Kanga Roo
4pm - PHO
3pm - Fiddle Heirs (featuring members of Trampled By Turtles, Pert Near Sandstone, and Jillian Rae)
1pm - The Poor Nobodys

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre from 1pm-5pm

Visual Art Display - Jon Oulman will be displaying a multi-venue retrospective of the work of Artist John Bowman inside the 331club, The Sheridan Room and other venues around Northeast Minneapolis. Perhaps best known locally for his painting Crossings -- a much-admired landscape scene prominently displayed at the 331 Club -- the Pennsylvania-based Bowman has been making lyrical, enigmatic paintings of urban landscapes for over two decades. The retrospective will be accompanied by a limited edition booklet and an essay by Minneapolis writer Andy Sturdevant, who previously wrote about Bowman's work in his 2013 collection of essays Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow.

Partners - Amsterdam Bar and Hall, Como Dockside, Surly Brewing, 89.3 The Current, City Pages, 45th Paralel spirits, Boubon and Bows Salon, and The Sheridan Neighborhood Clinic

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7:00 PM19:00

PANACEA at the BEDLAM with Daniel Polnau, Transition Species, Paul Metzger

We had our hands in this project from the very beginning. We creeped-up an old upright piano, built psych-ward walls out of paper maché in our rehearsal space with tubes sticking out in every direction. We played with dead birds, eye droppers and so, so much dry ice. The film was shot in a weekend and then we parted ways with our collaborators. Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle went off to edit their footage and off we went to write the score.

If you didn't catch our performance at The Twin Cities Horror Festival last Halloween, you have a chance to see The Poor Nobodys' newest film creation at The Bedlam this Friday, July 31. 
7 PM
Pay What You Can, suggested $5.

Additional performances by local improvisors and performance artists provoke an ethereal undercurrent for the evening. Bike wheels and metal singing bowls by Transitional Species. Improvisations on a modified banjo by Paul Metzger. The Great Stromboli himself will even make an appearance.

"There are shadows and reflections, human figures and those that are less than human... but images often only reveal their true nature at their own languid pace. The Poor Nobodys musical accompaniment can make the masks, puppets and bones even creepier than they might otherwise be." - Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet

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to Nov 2

Twin Cities Horror Fest III: PANACEA Original film + Original music


The Poor Nobodys return to TCHF III with another live film score. We got our fill of brains and blood with "Night of the Living Dead" in the first Twin Cities Horror Festival and have an original psycho-thriller film in the style of David Lynch to offer this year. Panacea was created in collaboration with filmmakers Crist Dahl & Chris Delisle of Rochester, MN and artist/puppeteer Daniel Polnau. All original music with original film + found footage.

Friday Oct 24 at 5:30pm
Saturday Oct 25 at 10pm
Sunday Oct 26 at 10pm
Wednesday Oct 29 at 7pm
Saturday Nov 1 at 1pm
Sunday Nov 2 at 5:30pm

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