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PANACEA at the BEDLAM with Daniel Polnau, Transition Species, Paul Metzger

We had our hands in this project from the very beginning. We creeped-up an old upright piano, built psych-ward walls out of paper maché in our rehearsal space with tubes sticking out in every direction. We played with dead birds, eye droppers and so, so much dry ice. The film was shot in a weekend and then we parted ways with our collaborators. Crist Dahl and Chris Delisle went off to edit their footage and off we went to write the score.

If you didn't catch our performance at The Twin Cities Horror Festival last Halloween, you have a chance to see The Poor Nobodys' newest film creation at The Bedlam this Friday, July 31. 
7 PM
Pay What You Can, suggested $5.

Additional performances by local improvisors and performance artists provoke an ethereal undercurrent for the evening. Bike wheels and metal singing bowls by Transitional Species. Improvisations on a modified banjo by Paul Metzger. The Great Stromboli himself will even make an appearance.

"There are shadows and reflections, human figures and those that are less than human... but images often only reveal their true nature at their own languid pace. The Poor Nobodys musical accompaniment can make the masks, puppets and bones even creepier than they might otherwise be." - Matthew A. Everett, TC Daily Planet

Later Event: October 19
on the patio at Grumpy's in NE