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Kickstarter for 'Ink no Ink' March 21- April 19th




Kickstarter for 'Ink no Ink' March 21- April 19th

Jenna Wyse

Today we launched our Kickstarter campaign which will run from March 21- April 19th.  Please consider donating to help get our album pressed onto vinyl.  We have a lot of unreleased material that we are offering as a thank you for donating.

You can donate here:

The Poor Nobodys INK NO INK Kickstarter

We are very excited to offer you this latest release by The Poor Nobodys! Our third studio album, Ink no Ink, started coming together two years ago in our space in NE Minneapolis. We have always intended this collection of songs to be on vinyl and we're turning to you to make it possible.

If you know you want a copy of the album, you can consider this Kickstarter campaign as a pre-order and a way to help us cover the costs to finish up production.  We have all of our songs recorded, mixed and mastered.  They are just waiting to be pressed to vinyl.  Your donations will cover the cost of pressing the album and coming up with some great album artwork to print on the cover.


Not only are we excited about this release, but we're proud of the rewards too! Everything we're offering as a thank you for donating has been created by the band in the last three years: all of our full-length film scores and collections of unreleased music.

We came about most of this music in a more collaborative way than previously- each of us writing and contributing.  Almost everything was recorded at our space in Northeast Minneapolis, engineered and mixed by Paul Flynn.  We also had a weekend session at The Library Recording Studio, also in NE.  Over the course of those two years, we picked up a few projects composing original film scores and working with local filmmakers as well as working with local theatre companies. This not only influenced the sound of our music, but offered a new approach to arranging our material.

Thank you for your continued support and for donating to our Kickstarter campaign!